15 ways to be.

In advertising, Editorial on March 14, 2011 at 12:39 pm

SXSW got me thinking about my own set of personal beliefs when it comes to achieve better work and operate change in the way we are.

01- Be curious. Without knowledge you will never know where to go.

02 – Be bolder. Desire to be at the top. There is no other way to succeed.

03 – Be fearless. Put yourself in danger. Make decisions, good or bad. Shamelessly.

04 – Be strategic. Partner with planners to activate change.

05 – Be empathetic. Understand your client’s business. Life will be easier.

06 – Be unsatisfied. Redo stuff over & over again. Things can only get better.

07 – Be open. Ideas can come from anywhere.

08 – Be stubborn. Don’t let go a great idea easily.

09 – Be loved. Nobody will follow you if they fear you.

10 – Be contagious. Share your passion with others.

11 – Be generous. Give back to the industry.

12 – Be social. Be known for what you stand for.

13 – Be good. Make this world a better place. We can make a difference.

14 – Be patient. Profound changes take time.

15 – Be Confident. Always trust your guts.


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