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In Editorial on December 1, 2009 at 10:16 am

What has Internet changed in my life? In our lives in the last 10 years? I was recently asked this question in an interview for the next French version on the Marketing Magazine. But before answering, let’s look at two major things that happened simultaneously.

When my nephew eats an apple.

First and foremost, my nephew became an adult. From a teenager, playing on his X-BOX, then on his PlayStation, on his DS, communicating with Messenger, chatting online with his friends all the time, blogging… he, without notice, became an adult with a job, a salary. He is a totally new hot item. As we never seen it before. Technology is bred in his bones. His social life, his network, is intimately linked with it. He goes by this world with technology seamlessly woven into the fabrics of his life. And he cannot understand a world that exists without it. This upbringing changed the way one interface with others, with brands, with content, with reality. He’s a brand new citizen.

Apple understood a long time ago that technology was giving birth to a new lifestyle. A lifestyle that the world would embrace. And it did. Technology surrounds us. We don’t notice it anymore. As we saw earlier, the new generation demands it. Expect it. This is rapidly changing the way we do things. The ways we use to do stuff disappear without notice. And we do not care anymore. We are excited by all the new possibilities. Technology is not an end, it’s an enabler, an enabler of that new society. It’s a brave new world out there.

We were children of the Revolution.

So. What happened to me in the last decade? Ten years ago, I was a revolutionary. I preached my Internet religion, like many others. As early adopters, we understood that technology was making its way through our lives. We decided that, in order to make things move, we would make no compromises. We declared war on TV. On print. Yes, it was a bit much, but anything less was doomed to failure, or even worse : to statu-quo.

Years later, and thanks to my nephew and its lifestyle, we need no more conflicts. We are peaceful warriors. We prefer the word evolution. Or the world in evolution. While technology is invading our public and private lives, we still believe in new means of communications. We still believe in finding better ways to communicate a brand story. Today we talk about conversation. Tomorrow, it will be different. And it’s all good.

Change for good.

So I changed. Many times. It is in my nature, as a change agent, to question my work, to fall, to win, to try stuff.

I believe it is the most exciting time ever to create, to communicate. So many things one can do now. We have a responsibility to take that chance. To participate in our brand new world. Not in making advertising as we know or knew it. Not in making advertising as a disruptive element in someone ‘s life. We have all the means to create stories that can be part of my nephew’s life. Embracing that idea will change us. For good.


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