Doodles & scribbles

In Editorial on November 7, 2009 at 6:39 pm

It’s in me to think about the nature of things. Existential thoughts. Why we do stuff and how can we improve as a group of individuals, as a bunch of advertisers. But when I sit at my desk, I wonder how I can apply these ideas into my work. What can I do to improve my work? I need simple answers. Too often I heard big principles that led my nowhere.

Out of my work experience, one little trick never failed me. I doodle. All the time. I think in little lines. A bit like a Cadavre Exquis, my doodles take me in unexpected places. They are not concerned by aesthetics. They are pure, simple ideas. They are applied ideas that often work. And when they work, the end results are often pretty close to the doodle in your sketches book or on your napkin. A pen, a piece of paper is all you need. And you can do them anywhere. Train, planes or automobiles. Even the fastest computer cannot match an idea rendered in 3 expressive lines.

This technique enables me to think. From one doodle to another, I progress in fine-tuning my ideas, in exploring, in laying out integrated campaign in no times. I would often, just like in writing, rework over and over the same idea. I strongly believe that this process changes the quality of my creative output.

Recently, I tried scribbling. Making bits of texts, writing ideas down. I found a great pleasure at doing it. I get better at it all the time. This exercise enables me to get my strategic ideas in lines. As a designer, it was not a natural thing to do, but it came to me pretty easily after a while. Love it now.

Doing these doodles and scribbles gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Try it. It will do you good. Leave your computer alone for a while.


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